Xiaomi: MIUI 9 To Launch Before August 16

Xiaomi: MIUI 9 To Launch Before August 16

Xiaomi revealed a few days back about its plan to launch the next version of their own Android skin, MIUI 9. Millions of Xiaomi users were excited about the news and wanted to know more details about the new interface. The Chinese company chose MIUI forum as a platform to confirm the developments and claimed that MIUI 9 will be launched before 16th of August.

This is great news for Xiaomi users who want to see a refreshed look and enhancements in the user interface. The company also teased users with a screen grab of a theme developed by MIUI. However, it was misinterpreted by many as a peek into the MIUI 9. This issue was officially addressed by the company as it said, “Do note that the screenshot above is just an ordinary theme and it has nothing to do with MIUI 9”

MIUI 9 will be based on Android 7.0 Nougat and it might be launched in phases, following the software upgrade trend by Xiaomi. Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO had mentioned a few days back that the new OS will be more fluid and considerably powerful than its predecessor.

Some of the notable features in the MIUI 9 will be the ability to split the screen to allow better multi-tasking. Even picture-in-picture mode will be introduced in the new update. Android users will also get the picture-in-picture update in the upcoming Android O. However, split-screen was already a part of Android Nougat and MIUI 9 will build upon it.

MIUI 8 update was released last year in August and it was a huge upgrade when compared to its predecessor. Whether the MIUI 9 manages to live up to the hype is something we will find out before August 9.

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