Would The New iPhone 8 Come With A Different Kind Of Wireless Charging?

Would The New iPhone 8 Come With A Different Kind Of Wireless Charging?

Now that the iPhone 7 is out, speculations and reports about the next iPhone flagship phone are already started making rounds. Every time a new iPhone is about to be unveiled people have big expectations from it.

The latest rumor surrounding the iPhone 8 is that the device would have wireless charging. Well, although the concept of wireless charging is not new among smartphones this one is different.The usual wireless charging methods require the user to place the phone on a wireless charging station, but Apple is apparently working to make wireless charging literally wireless. The company is supposedly looking to fit some sort of module into the iPhone 8 that will connect to a transmitter which would be plugged into a wall outlet. This would allow the iPhone 8 to charge even if it is upto 15-feet away from the transmitter. If this actually works, we will be able to witness what is actually called wireless charging.

This rumor suggests that Apple is working with the company Energous on this new tech. Earlier, Energous had mentioned that they're working with a "tier 1" manufacturer in the smartphone world. Although the company was not named the connection is quite noticeable.To further confirm this, a company named Dialog Semiconductor from which Apple accounts for around 70% of their total sales, has recently invested $10 million into Energous.

Keep in mind though that this is just a rumor. nothing is official as yet. But the though of someone coming out with such amazing technology is worth waiting for. This would surely be an incredible and envious feature of the new iPhone 8.

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