Windows Surface Pro 4 or Apple iPad Pro, Which One's is Better?

Windows Surface Pro 4 or Apple iPad Pro, Which One's is Better?

Apple recently claimed that iPad Pro can be used as computer. To counter this, rival Microsoft posted a video comparing Windows Surface Pro 4 and Apple iPad Pro to show which if the two is better.

The details in the specs and features are given below.

1) Operating system :

Windows Surface Pro 4 runs Windows 10, with full features available in both tablet and PC mode.
Apple iPad Pro runs iOS 9.3 - Apple’s OS for mobile devices. It cannot run apps like Microsoft Office, which we all know is one of the basic needs of any computer.

2) USB port, MicroSD card reader, Trackpad :

Another necessity in any computer is a USB port which is missing in iPad Pro but present in the Surface Pro 4
Also, a microSD card reader which is present in the Surface Pro 4 is missing in the iPad Pro.
Surface Pro 4 keyboard has trackpad that is not available in Apple’s keyboard. So, it is not possible to convert this tablet inyo a computer.

3) Hardware configurations :

Surface Pro is powered by Skylake processors and offers up to 16GB RAM. iPad Pro’s Apple is powered by A9X chipset which is as powerful as Skylake. But iPad Pro offers maximum 4GB RAM which is far less than Surface Pro 4. M

4) Internal storage :

Surface Pro 4 offers up to 512GB onboard storage while iPad Pro includes 256GB maximum RAM at max.

5) Battery Life :

Both, the Surface Pro 4 as well iPad Pro have a battery life of up to 10 hours.

Based on the above discussed features and specs, which of the two would you prefer-Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro?

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