Will Reliance LYF Smartphones Be Among The Top 3 Smartphones Of India By Diwali

Will Reliance LYF Smartphones Be Among The Top 3 Smartphones Of India By Diwali

Reliance Digital, India's newly launched smartphone brand has plans to be among the top three smartphone brands in the country by this Diwali. Currently, its smartphone brand LYF stands fifth in the Indian market. The first four positions are held by Samsung, Micromax, Intex and Xiaomi.

Reliance Digital's LYF smartphones cost anywhere between Rs 2,999 to Rs 20,000. With the launch of Reliance Jio SIM card, the company further pushed the sales of the LYF smartphones because initially, in order to get the Jio 4G service, it was mandatory to buy the Jio smartphones only. Only later, did the company open the Jio service for other smartphone brands.

As far as the shipment numbers go, the top brands in Indi is as follows - in Q2 2016, Micromax shipped 3.5 million units, while the likes of Intex and Xiaomi shipped 2 million and 1.5 million units respectively. On the other hand, Reliance Digital has shipped 5.5 million LYF devices in the first two quarters of this year, and in the month of August alone it shipped a million units coinciding it along with the Jio 4G SIM launch in September. By shipping around a million units a month, Reliance Digital will easily be able to overtake Intex to become the third-largest smartphone vendor in the country behind Micromax in this quarter

Taking advantage of the upcoming festive season, Reliance Digital is trying to sell most of the devices in the market and by the looks of it, the company is nearly successful in doing so. Analysts believe that of the units shipped, Reliance Digital has managed to sell about 80 percent of its target. As per a source, “The effort is to be number two or number three this quarter. The inventory is being brought in constantly to meet demand, especially now that Jio has been launched.”

LYF smartphones has comes with VoLTE support because of which it gained more popularity among users. Additionally, Mukesh Ambani talked about the company’s plans to launch more affordable LYF 4G smartphones with price of Rs 3,999, Rs 4,999 and Rs 5,999.

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