Which Would Be The Right Kind Of Baby Monitor For You?

Which Would Be The Right Kind Of Baby Monitor For You?

For a soon-to-be-mother, there are a few things which are on the list of must-have products especially if it is a nuclear family. A 'baby-monitor' is one of them.

With so many brands available in the market, it can be confusing as to which product is to be chosen. The range starts from the low-tech walkie-talkie monitors to the hi-tech ones. Before deciding on which one to buy you need to keep a few pointers in your mind.

Although the primary function of all baby monitors is the same, a few differences like video, night vision, two-way audio, pan-tilt camera, bedtime stories, recorded lullabies are the parameters to be taken into consideration as per individual needs. Additionally, there are more high-end features like push notifications for movement as well as sound which would be useful for larger homes.

Just to monitor a sleeping child, there are many products available in the market. But if you have more requirements, there are products like the Panasonic Baby Monitor comes with a hub alarm, door/window sensors, motion sensors and smart plugs. Alternatively, smart cams like Nest Cam or the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro are not just baby monitors, but they also work much better with a bigger smart home setup. They are a little expensive though. Before you choose device, you should decide whether you would like to use it just as a baby monitor or to build an entire larger smart home system.

Another important pointer to be kept in mind is how secure is the baby monitor. the monitor shouldn't be such that it can be easily hacked by a stranger who can talk to your child. Sadly, this kind of security breach of very common and it is nearly impossible to say how secure the product is.

However, products from bigger companies like Google or Apple use their own 2.4 GHz radio frequency so are a little more secure than those that use your Wi-Fi. Additionally, parents need to keep in mind to change the network and product passwords frequently and obviously choose complex and difficult to guess passwords.

Keeping all the above points in mind, you can decide which kind of baby monitor best suits your requirements.

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