WhatsApp Comes Out With A Video Calling Feature.

WhatsApp Comes Out With A Video Calling Feature.

Well-known messaging app WhatsApp launched a video calling service on its app. The new feature will be rolled out to over a billion WhatsApp users over the next few days.

To make a video call, users simply need to click on the calling button at the top right corner inside the chat window and choose between 'Voice' and 'Video' calling options. Keep in mind to update the WhatsApp app to its latest version in order to make use of its video calling faciltity.

The feature also allows users to switch from front camera to rear camera during a call as well as 'mute the call'. In addition, users will also get notifications in case they miss a call. To call back, they simply need to tap on the same menu.

WhatsApp Head of Business Neeraj Arora said, “This has been in the works for some time and we are glad that we are launching the service from India, which has our largest userbase. Like voice calls, video calls are also going to be dynamic i.e. depending on the quality of network, the video will adjust accordingly. With the new update, users simply can choose between a voice or a video call and go ahead with the call. "

He further added that all the calls would be end-to-end encrypted for the safety and privacy of its users.

With the video-calling feature, the Facebook owned chatting platform is finally at par with the likes of Google Duos, Microsoft's Skype, Apple's FaceTime and its own Facebook Messenger.

To explain the diffference between Facebook's Messenger app and WhatsApp video calling, Arora explained, “While Facebook connects you to people in your friend list, WhatsApp lets you talk to the contact list on your phone. There are a lot of new things that Messenger is working on like bots. We have our own offerings,” he said.

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