Vylyv Smartshorts Help Men Get Stronger Pelvic Muscles.

Vylyv Smartshorts Help Men Get Stronger Pelvic Muscles.

Yes, these may look like a pair of swimsuit shorts from men but these are not. In fact, these shorts are the Vylyv Smartshorts which are made of of a sensor-embedded textile which monitors the contractions in your pelvic floor muscles.

The textile sensors work in collaboration with a wireless sensor from the user's smartphone application which helps the user to exercise harder in the butt area to get that desirable booty which ultimately also helps build stamina and therefore experience longer sexual endurance.

In a short promotional video, you will see how the developers have explained that a “sedentary lifestyle and negative effects of sports like biking, slows down blood flow, which over time, can make it harder to maintain an erection. Contracting the pelvic floor muscles strengthens them, increasing blood flow to the region. Vylyv claims that “medical research strongly supports the positive effects of pelvic floor exercise has on erection quality, prostate, and urinary tract health.”

Vylyv smartshorts do just that. They help to strengthen the pelvic muscles.The main aim of the Vylyv smartshorts is that you can perform the pelvic exercises anywhere be it your home, office or even when you are travelling as long as you are discreet about it.

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