This Smarthome Kit Is Worth Trying.

This Smarthome Kit Is Worth Trying.

With our lives being so busy and stressful, a little help in any form is always welcome. To top that, if its technology that comes to our rescue, it is a bigger relief as we don't have to depend on humans. Technology gives us the flexibility to manage many things around the home at our own time. Nowadays many gadgets are available today that will manage many things around the house, in a matter of few clicks, how cool would it be to be able to control these gadgets at the click of a button and that too in an affordable way.

Well, Oakter has come out with something known as the Oakter Smarthome Starter's Kit which includes smartplugs and sockets that can be controlled via an app. It is available on both iOS and Android app stores.

The Oakter Smarthome Starter's Kit comes with one main hub, an adapter and two smart plugs. The main hub is rectangular and connects to your home WiFi. The other two smart plugs look like a regular multi-plug but are light-weight.

One of the plugs is larger in size and is a 16 amp smart plug which can be used for devices consuming more power like hot water geysers, air conditioners etc.On the other hand, the other plug which is smaller in size is a 6 amp smart plug. It can be used for devices which use less power like lamps.

To set up the Oakter Smarthome Starter's Kit all you have to do is download the app on your device, login with the given username and password in the manual. After signing in, connect the hub to your home WiFi. Once this is done, the main hub flashes an orange light.The username and password can be later changed to the one of your choice.

Both the plugs too have an in-built LED indicator at the top, which when powered on turns white and orange when it is connected to a device. Both the plugs come with a unique code number that will reflect on the app once connected. The app will then show the serial numbers of the smart plugs listed with the on/off switch. With just one flick of a button you can turn on/off the device connected to the smart plugs. Additionally, the app comes with a Sleep Mode which means all the devices that you connect to the smart plugs can be scheduled for a timely power down.

The assembly is priced at Rs. 4,750 and for this price it is a rather good start for someone who wants to give a Smarthome Starter's kit a try without spending a bomb. The plugs can be bought separately too. The price of each plug starts from Rs.2,800.

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