The iPhone Speed Test.

YouTube's popular channel EverythingApplePro has uploaded a number of videos over the years in which all the iPhones till date are put through a series of tests like bend tests, scratch tests, water tests, drop tests, etc to see how they hold up.

However the latest and the most elaborate video till date is the “Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison 2016 PART 2!” In the video, the host has lined up all the 15 iPhones since the beginning in their chronological order on a wooden floor with the camera directly above them to film the whole test. All the iPhones can be seen in a single frame simultaneously. Also, the host plugs all 15 phones into a single,16-port USB hub and has tested the iPhones for various categories like startup time, overall speed, decibel output, heat distribution, touch ID, and camera quality.

The end-result - yes, whether the critics will like this or not but the iPhones have consistently improved in their performances from the first to the latest one. Of all the iPhones, iPhone 7 comes out as the winner. iPhone 7 Plus is a tad slower to start. In terms of speed too, there is a consistent improvement since the first iPhone. But the most noticeable difference is the quality of the iPhone's camera. The video includes numerous comparisons between early models and the current model, and the host declares it “night and day.” Just look at the detail on the Red Bull can.

This video is a must watch for all the Apple fans and critics alike to actually see first-hand that yes, the iPhones though not much different on the outside, there is a definite improvement in the various categories shown in the video.

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