SwiftKey Update Now Available On Google Play Store

SwiftKey Update Now Available On Google Play Store

SwiftKey is one of the best known keyboard apps available for Androids. It is free to download from the Google Play store. The app consists of a variety of keyboard options of various colours of which some are free while some are paid.

Recently, SwiftKey received a new update wherein new features are added. This includes a new QWERTZ Swiss French layout as well as a Swiss German and Swiss Italian layout which would make it easier for users who use this type of layouts to type easier and faster.

The update also has added an Incognito mode which should temporarily stop SwiftKey from learning words or phrases which the user doesn't wish to be saved. In order to access the Incognito mode, The user has to click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the keyboard and simply activate it. On doing so SwiftKey will temporarily ignore the words that the user types there after.

The update also includes a few bug fixes and themes will now download after the first tap.

The new version of SwiftKey for Android is already available on Google Play store. Those who have been using the app can check the update for the new features and fixes.

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