Sony Unveils The Xperia Ear Bluetooth Earpiece

Sony Unveils The Xperia Ear Bluetooth Earpiece

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Sony unveiled yet another Bluetooth earpiece but it is nothing like the ones already in the market be it in size or features. Known as The Xperia Ear, it may not be as small as one may have expected but it comes loaded modern tech like a proximity sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer and NFC for simple tap-and-go pairing to your Android phone.

The Ear can be paired with either an Xperia device along with a dedicated app or with any other Android phone via Google Talk.

If you follow a fixed, predictable routine through the day, this device would be like your own private hands-on PA. As soon as you put the device on, it will automatically follow the daily routine from the app as it has been set earlier. Be it the daily news, radio or music, it will automatically start playing into your ear. By just tapping on the ear-piece, you can give voice commands in-case your hands are busy else-where or you are driving.

The unit comes with multiple sizes of silicone tips and a rubber guard at the top in small, medium and large sizes to better fit your ear. Although, Sony isn't ready to divulge any information about the accelerometer or gyroscope, the Japanese tech company mentioned that it has been working on a few applications that will be useful with all the embedded technology of the Xperia Ear.

The talk time for the earpiece is estimated at 3.5 hours with upto 80 hours of standby. It comes in a small carrying case which also auto-charges the unit up to three times.

The Xperia Ear is recently released for pre-order. Originally, the Xperia Ear was available exclusively on the Xperia Store online in Europe but now it will be available in the U.S. on Amazon for $200, while other retailers like Fry’s and B&H will start selling the device shortly.

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