Sony Announces The FES Watch U.

Sony Announces The FES Watch U.

Japanese tech giant Sony has announced a higher version of the FES Watch. In the earlier version, the e-ink display was only on the face of the watch but in the newer version, the band would also feature the flexible e-ink display. Known as the 'FES Watch U', it will even pair your watch with your smartphone.

Although the FES brand has been in the market for sometime now, earlier it was merely a watch with e-ink display to see the time. Now, the company wants to go one step ahead and make the watch into a fashion accessory. With the press of a single button the entire style of the watch and the band changes. The FES Watch U has a steel body and (on the black premium model) scratch-resistant sapphire glass that makes it look more like a classy piece. The use of energy-efficient e-paper gives it a battery life of three weeks.The watch is also waterproof. The e-ink display makes the band thicker than a traditional leather, plastic or textile band.

Sony will ship the watch with 12 different face and band designs and you’ll be able to store 24 different designs on your watch.

The company is doing a crowdfunding campaign in Japan to try and gauge whether people would be interested in buying it. The price of the watch would be anywhere between ¥44,710 and ¥59,940 ($438 to $587). If Sony meets its funding target by October 7th then you can get your timepiece in April 2017.

Excited to use the FES Watch U? Well, don't get your hopes too high. The original FES watch released never made it out of Japan. Whether this one will be sold outside Japan is a big question.

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