Should We Expect A Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone In Early 2017 ?

Should We Expect A Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone In Early 2017 ?

Mobile phones have come a long way in terms of technology and innovation. Starting from the bulky compass-box type key-board phones to the latest bezel-less touch screen ones. Well, What next? "Foldable Phones" - the latest technology that mobile makers are working hard to achieve. There have been reports and rumors about this for quite sometime now. Now, apparently South Korean mobile manufacturer Samsung has had some success in this and filed a patent for the same. Leaks showing renders of the alleged 'Galaxy X' foldable smartphone are making rounds on various websites.

As per the leaked renders, the so-called Galaxy X is expected to come with a hinge in the center. This means it will be a combination of a flip-phone and a touch screen smartphone with a hinge in the centre.

According to a report, the aspect ratio of device display would be 21:9 or close to that instead of the usual 16:9. The front of the smartphone will sport Samsung Home Button in between a Back Button on the right and a Menu Button on the left.

Although the company is aiming to launch the foldable smartphone Galaxy X in early 2017, it seems to be doubtful as to whether the device would be accepted commercially or not and apparently it is also working on solving some issues with glass sheets and batteries.

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