Report : Samsung Stops Production Of The Galaxy Note 7 Devices.

Report : Samsung Stops Production Of The Galaxy Note 7 Devices.

With so many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding and catching fire around the world, the South Korean company had decided to recall millions of Galaxy Note 7 units world-wide. It did send replacements too but those too were faulty and the batteries were catching fire. After this. American vendors like T-mobile and AT&T had discontinued selling the devices altogether.They were even accepting unconditional exchanges of the fore mentioned device.

With the recall of so many pieces, Samsung is surely suffering a huge loss, monetarily as well of its reputation. But now finally after weeks of such accidents, Samsung is halting production of the Note 7, its flagship mobile device. Although the halt is temporary, Samsung has refused to comment on it.

After some major engineering changes, the production will be started again but Samsung would have already incurred heavy losses. Added to this, the various law-suits and government safety organizations would have to be answered to.

Inspite of all this, Samsung still holds the number one position in the manufacturing of mobile phones. In future, Samsung will have to take steps keeping in mind that what they do from now on would be closely watched and could have a long term effect on the company's reputation. Additionally, they would also have to work harder to hold their number one position.

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