Reliance Introduces a 4G WiFi Router, JioLink.

Reliance Introduces a 4G WiFi Router, JioLink.

JioLink is the latest venture of Reliance which offfers 4G internet service.

As an introductory offer, the JioLink device would also offer unlimited data for a period of 90 days.

Users would also get access to Jio’s premium app suite including JioOnDemand, JioPlay, JioMags, JioBeats, JioDrive, JioSecurity, JioMoney, JioChat, and more.

Although call making facility using JioLink Connection is not possible at the moment, Jio is planning to come out with VoWiFi service, you would soon be able to make voice calls too.

The JioLink router setup would consists of an outdoor CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) which is installed at the roof/terrace of the customer. The CPE consists of a unidirectional antenna so it has to be in direct line of sight with a Jio base station which ensures that the device always receives good signal as well as great internet speed. JioLink CPE device also includes a RJ-45 port for sending signal to the indoor Wi-Fi router via an Ethernet cable (Cat-5 or Cat-6).

JioLink supports 3 4G LTE bands (#5, #3, #40). If your device doesn’t support either of these LTE bands then you wouldn’t be able to access Jio 4G through a Jio SIM. But using JioLink you would be able to access Jio 4G on any Wi-Fi capable device, even on the outdated WiFi-capable feature phones

Another attractive feature of the device is its cost - The JioLink device costs just Rs. 2,500 including the setup and installation charges.

JioLink introductory offer would be available only across select cities across the country starting this week.

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