Read This Before You Install Oxygen OS 3.5.5 OTA On Your OnePlus 2 Device.

Read This Before You Install Oxygen OS 3.5.5 OTA On Your OnePlus 2 Device.

After the release of OnePlus's new update for OnePlus 2 - Oxygen OS version 3.5.5, the company is being flooded with complaints from users who have installed the new OS. The users are complaining of their phone dropping signal unexpectedly a few times a minute.

The complaints are mostly from users in India who are using Jio and Airtel networks simultaneously on their IOnePlus 2 device since it is a dual SIM device. Users using two SIMs simultaneously on the device, regardless of network, have also been reporting the same network dropout on both SIMs. However, enabling Wi-Fi with the same SIM sees no issues, but once the user switches to mobile data, the network starts dropping again.

Although users have been able to figure out a way to prevent the network dropping by putting another SIM in slot 2 and disabling it in the settings. But the drawback of this technique is that the users cannot actively use both SIMs at a time. Some other users having given another way to rectify this - a reset of the Network settings. However, this method has helped only a few users.

So, if you haven’t updated your device to the new Oxygen OS version 3.5.5, it would be suggestible that you wait until this network connectivity issue is fixed. Although it mostly appears to be affecting users with Indian SIM cards OnePlus has already pulled the update and looking into the matter to fix it as soon as possible.

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