Prisma's Latest Upate For Facebook's Live Videos.

Prisma's Latest Upate For Facebook's Live Videos.

Prisma's latest update for iOS allows its users to apply its artistic filters to Facebook live videos as it works well with Facebook’s artificial intelligence-based Style Transfer tech, which supports the Prisma filters to be used on Facebook Live videos. However not all iOS users can avail this update. The feature is exclusively avialable to iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 users.

To explain this restriction, Prisma’s Aram Airapetyan said, "Not every smartphone can handle that. We’re working to bring this to powerful Android smartphones also." The style transfer of Prisma filters to Facebook Live, the processing is done locally on the device, instead of being sent to a third party server.

In order to use of the live streaming feature, iPhone users will need to be logged into their Facebook account via the Primsa app. Also, the Prisma filters will initially be available in eight styles, including The Scream, Tokyo, Gothic, and Illegal Beauty.

Just last month, Prisma co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov demonstrated the working of Prisma’s style transfer technology via Facebook’s Live platform. A day prior to that, Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox demonstrated the style transfer app to apply filters on Facebook Live videos. “We’re making the camera a really nice creative tool, and that’s the kind of thing we’re very invested in right now,” said Cox. While he mentioned that the filters are still only prototypes, he did not specify whether they will be available only through the Facebook Live streaming video platform.

The Prisma update came out a couple of days afterFacebook came out with an idea to test its new AI-powered filters for Facebook Live video in a few countries. It further explained how it can be widely used in future.

The technique of learning the artistic style of a painting and applying to every frame of a video is a difficult feat to pull off as the video content has be sent to data centers for the pixels to be analyzed and processed by AI running on big-compute servers, like how Prisma’s filter works. But the time required for the data transfer and processing makes for a slower experience. So Facebook worked on an AI-based technology, which translates regular pictures into artsy-filtered ones in real time, and on running live videos. With Prisma support, the Facebook Live borrows those filters, and processes them real time with its style transfer technology thus taking up less time.

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