Nintendo's New Gaming Console "Switch" Is Getting Raving Reviews

Yesterday, Nintendo announced on Twitter about its much anticipated new gaming console - the "Nintendo Switch". Although leaks about the same have been making rounds on the internet for quite sometime not much details were not out except that it was code-named as the NX.

The attached video does throw some light on how to use the Switch. Yes, it looks like just another video-game console but with a difference. It’s a monitor that appears to be about 6 to 7 inches wide. When used with the TV it slots into place in a dock, but it can be pulled out of the dock and it becomes mobile.

Two types of controllers can be used to play the Nintendo Switch. The old-fashioned one as well a new exciting one which is actually connected to the controller but can be detached to make two primary halves and used to control the game. The two halves can be slotted onto the Switch and played with as its usually done or they can be used wirelessly.

When used wirelessly, they can actually each be used by two separate players.

Nothing more is known about the Nintendo Switch except that it will feature a custom Tegra processor and titles from nearly 50 game publishers and will be hitting the shelves in March 2017.

Nintendo Nintendo Switch Gaming Console