New WhatsApp Beta Update Is Finally Here.

New WhatsApp Beta  Update Is Finally Here.

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging platform has received a much needed update. The WhatsApp Beta update targets to improve the overall chatting experience for its users by adding stickers, ability to doodle and bigger emojis.

Now when the users takes a photo using the camera from within WhatsApp app, they will see options to draw by selecting the pencil or scribble by selecting ‘T’ icon. There is also a color slider to choose a favourite color of the pencil to doodle or write. Additionally, users can also add stickers to photos.

WhatsApp now has bigger emojis that will make conversations more fun and expressive. There is even an option of sending combinations of small, medium and large emojis in single chat. But this feature only works when you use the built-in camera of WhatsApp, and not when you share photos with users using the attachment button from the top right hand side corner of the WhatsApp chat..

The update also brings the ability to share or forward messages to more than one chat at a time. Frequent contacts appear on top while forwarding or sharing messages. Wile recording videos, there is an option to zom in or out by sliding a finger up or down. Lastly, this one for the selfie lovers - the new WhatsApp Beta update also includes a new front-facing flash for better selfies in the low light and dark conditions. Although keep in mind that these camera features only work if you are taking a photo using the WhatsApp in-app camera and not the phone camera. In order to use the feature, tap on the camera icon besides the typing box and switch to the front-facing sensor. You will see the flash icon on the left, which you can tap to turn it on or off. When turned on while clicking a selfie, the display lights up to illuminate the user’s face.

This latest update will bring WhatsApp at par with rivals like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger which already support stickers and doodling.

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