Moka360 - The Smallest 360 Degree Camera In The World Is Now Available Through Crowdfunding.

Moka360 - The Smallest 360 Degree Camera In The World Is Now Available Through Crowdfunding.

360 degree cameras are the next big thing in technology. Although its intriguing, exciting and gaining popularity, it isn't put much in use as it is expensive. However, that is about to change with the new miniature 360-degree camera Moka360 which also claims to be the world's smallest 360-degree camera. It is the latest project from Mokacam and is successfully funded through Indiegogo.

Unlike its competitors, the Moka360 has top class 2K resolution.This may make one have doubts about the sharpness of the images but this lack is made up for by its ease of use, automatic stitching, image stabilization, VR enabled, live streaming, a simplified control layout and waterproof casing. What's more is that the camera is both iOS and Android compatible.

You can easily film 360 video and live streaming with just a single button. The built in stitching makes 360- degree videos available immediately. You can film the video with the App, save it on your phone and share it instantly. Alternatively, the video can also be saved to a micro SD card inserted and can be watched on your Mac or PC with Moka360 Player without stitching or transcoding.

The Moka360 weighs just 98 grams, with the dimensions of 56mm x 51mm x 28mm

With its 2k full HD dual cam, custom built lenses and Digital Signal Processors, Moka360 promises to give you the highest image quality. Another feature worth mentioning is the super strong magnetic mount which lets you stick the Moka360 on any magnetic surface without any docks, screws or stands. No more shaky or blurred images or videos.

Since it is a crowdfunding project, a little caution is advisable. However, if you are one of those tech fans who likes to try out new gadgets, the Moka360 is surely for you. Just for your information, the company aimed to raise $25,000 but has already raised $150,000. So better hurry !!!

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