Make Your Old Memories Last Forever With Google PhotoScan App.

Make Your Old Memories Last Forever With Google PhotoScan App.

With the popularisation of smartphones with 21MP cameras and digital cameras, clicking photographs and saving these countless memories is possible with just a click of a button. But what about the old photographs; our childhood memories, the ones of our parents and grandparents? How do we save them forever? Well, you can!! Google has the answer to this problem.

The tech giant has recently launched a new app "Google PhotoScan" which can digitally scan your printed photos and then save those images to your Google Photos library.

The app will be available for both Android as well as iOS platform andcan be downloaded for free from Google playstore. Once the app has been downloaded, there is an introductory video to show the steps needed to take while scanning the images. After this, comes the main screen to start working.

To properly scan an image, you will need to ensure that the image is lined up within a border. Once that is seen to, tap the “scan” button and then you will need to move your device over each of the 4 dots until it turns from white to blue. by doing so, the scan will be complete and the image will be saved in the gallery.

From there, you can either simply view it or you can crop it too.

PhotoScan automatically detect edges, straighten the image, rotate it to the correct orientation and removes glare.

Along with this, Google has also come up with new and improved ways auto enhance the images, to give unique new looks and a set of advanced editing tools to further help you make the best photo-album of the good old days.

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