LG G6 May Support Wireless Charging And Have A Waterproof Design

LG G6 May Support Wireless Charging And Have A Waterproof Design

Rumors about LG's next flagship LG G6 are already making rounds. The latest being that the LG G6 may be a water-proof device. Reportedly, the company is considering using a waterproof adhesive on its display frame, the USB connector, earphone terminal and camera cover glass which would make the device completely waterproof.

Also, the device would support wireless charging and would be pre-loaded with a yet to be launched mobile payment service much similar to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Besides that, it was revealed that the LG G6 will feature an iris scanner. As per reports, LG is “planning an integrated iris recognition module mounted on smartphones.” But Unlike the Galaxy Note 7, which used a dedicated second camera in the front for iris scanning, LG’s will combine the iris scanner as well as the front camera into one entity with dual functionality. Apparently, LG is planning to add some sort of filter to it.

Rumors also suggest that LG G6 may not come with a curved OLED screen, which could mean that the device may come with a flat 5.3-inch QHD display similar to the G5. but unlike the LG G5 which was a modular flagship smartphone, the LG G6 will not feature a modular design. The reason for doing so is that adding those modules or replacing them is quite a task as one has to turn off the device and remove the module from the bottom. The customers were not very excited about LG’s modular functionality. The phone is also expected to not have a removable battery.

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