Is WhatsApp Working On A Passcode Lock Feature?

Is WhatsApp Working On A Passcode Lock Feature?

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp, is testing a future update to the app which will enable users to lock their WhatsApp with the help of a 6-digit passcode.

This step will ensure extra protection against people trying to read your WhatsApp messages without your knowledge. In April, the Facebook-owned app had come out with end-to-end encryption. But even with that, IM services were not 100% protected. Hence the trial rounds of the passcode lock feature are being tried out.

The new WhatsApp program includes references such as 'Enter the current six-digit passcode', 'Passcodes don’t match.' Try again'. There is also an option called 'Enter a recovery email address' in case users have accidentally locked themselves out or have forgotten the password. The above option would help the user to recover access to their accounts.

Keep in mind that this feature is still in the testing phase so don't be 100% sure that it would be rolled out. All we can do is wait for further news.

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