How To Dry Your Wet Phone Or Smartwatch?

Imagine that your smartphone drops into water while working in the kitchen or that there's a heavy downpour and you are soaking wet and so is your phone. What would you do? The first step would be to switch it off. But what after that? Keep it in rice for 24 hours? Or turn it back on and plug it in To check whether it is working properly? Well, No.

The next step after turning it off is to place your device in t 'Redux'. Redux is a technological product which acts as a vacuum chamber and completely dries your wet phone The process takes about half an hour but it guarantees that the device will be completely and absolutely dry "even the most severe water damage". What's more, it works for smartwatches too.

So, the next time you accidentally drop your phone in water, search for the nearest Redux store.

Redux Smartwatch Dry Your Wet Phone Smartphone