Here Is How Google Can Make Better Pixel Smartphones.

Here Is How Google Can Make Better Pixel Smartphones.

Google Pixel smart phones - Google Pixel and Pixel XL which were released in 2016 stood out for their rear camera as well the unlimited photo storage. Also, Google Assistant feature was the best till date.

But other than this, there is nothing more worth mentioning about the Pixel devices especially keeping in mind the cost of the phones.

In order for Google to make a niche in the smart phone market, the smart phone maker will have to come out with more than just the above mentioned pointers especially with tough competition in today's competitive market.

Here are a few things that Google needs to pay special attention to while have to improve on on its next flagship,

1) Dual Rear Camera Setup :

Both the Pixel devices sport a single rear camera setup when most of the high end devices like iPhone and LG ave gone one step ahead by featuring a dual rear camera setup.

The dual lens setup of Apple iPhone 7 allows for 2x zooming without losing detail. it also blurs the background thus allowing what is known as the bokeh effect. The iPhone 7 Plus lets you get closer to a subject without moving, which takes a wider photo without having to move backwards

The LG G6 which also features a two-lens setup but has a different functionality. The secondary camera next to the 13 MP primary is of the same resolution, but has a 125-degree wide-angle lens which helps to capture a wider frame.

2) Water Resistance :

Google Pixel devices are IP53 certified which means that they can survive a few splashes of water but if accidentally, you drop the device in water, don't expect that the device will be out unharmed. for a device to be completely water resistant, it should be IP67 or IP68 certified which the Pixel devices are not. In fact, devices like Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, the LG G6, etc - have a better survival rate if they’re submerged accidentally in water.

3) Design :

When compared to the other smart phones in the same price category, namely the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone, Google falls short in design. Internet users are making comments as to how the Pixel devices look very similar to the iPhone which is true especially if you see the front side of both the devices. Secondly, when compared to the chic curved glass Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the Pixel looks pretty boring.

The squarish glass right above the aluminium back feels rather out of place and apparently the glass panel breaks quite easily too. also, the huge bezels at the top and bottom could have been done away with thus decreasing the side of the phones too.

4) Dual Stereo Speakers :

The Pixel smart phones has a single bottom-firing speaker which may not the most ideal position, especially when you’re watching videos with the phone held sideways as theere’s a good chance your finger might block the audio output. The single speaker was totally unexpected considering that the predecessor Google Nexus 6P had a pair of front-firing speakers.

Smart phone makers are using the earpiece as the second speaker grille, with the secondary speaker placed at the bottom. Although this may not be be ideal but it certainly is usable especially when you don't have your earphones around.

5) Lesser glitches :

Google has been an old player when it comes to making smart phones. In spite of this, users have been complaining about the Pixel devices facing problems like image distortion, microphone failure and unintended lens flare to name a few. We can understand if there are glitches in mid-range devices like Xiaomi or Vivo. Yes, even Samsung and iPhone have had their share or problems, but that would be just one or maximum two. for a premium device like Pixel we definitely expected a smooth ride.

Yes, we agree that the Pixel devices may not have everything that a smart phone should have, but the above mentioned pointers are some of the things that users do notice easily and make a device a success or a failure.

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