Google Drive Helps Easy Transition From iPhone To Android.

Google Drive Helps Easy Transition From iPhone To Android.

Switching from an Android device to iPhone has always been easy. But we wouldn't say the same if the case is the other way round. The reason being that Apple has always been very secretive and protective about its cloud platform and transferring data, contacts and photographs from an iOS device to an Android device. But not anymore.

Google has announced an update wherein Google Drive will make this task easier. The feature, found within the Google Drive app on your iPhone, will let you upload your contacts, calendar and photographs to Google Drive.

From here, you can again restore this backup to an Android phone of your choice. The whole thing could take few a hours, and you'll have to keep Drive active and on screen the whole time, so it is advisable to keep your phone plugged in and be connected to WiFi.

The tool will be very much useful to the smartphone users who had once been Apple fans who now would like to change to Android for a variety of reasons like trying out the new Androids in the market like OnePlus 3, Xiaomi and many more or for those who are still not ready to accept a device without a headphone jack.

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