Google Announces Google Wifi Router.

Google Announces Google Wifi Router.

Google has announced its next product - the Google Wifi router. Priced at $129 for a single piece whereas a set of three will cost $299, they will start shipping in early December.

The Google Wifi routers are different from the ones introduced last year by the US based tech giant along with TP-LINK and Asus. Multiple Google Wifi routers can be networked together in order to form a mesh network. The Google Wifi routers can set up easily through a mobile app. Google’s app will also let parents limit wireless access for kids through the touch of a button. A Network Assist feature is available in the app.

Mario Queiroz, lead of the product management group within Google’s hardware division. said, “It’s modular, so you can get the right fit for your home’s shape and sizes. Simply add wifi points to expand coverage.”

Although routers can be though of just a device to make life easier in this tech savvy world, Google Wifi Router is Google's attempt to make it more user-friendly and interesting. Let's see, how that works.

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