Google Allo Is Here

Google Allo Is Here

Sometime ago, Google has unveiled two new apps - Duos and Allo. Duos, the video calling app has already been launched whereas Allo, the instant messaging app was launched today. Allo is Google's latest attempt to get into instant messaging.

Installing Allo is pretty straightforward. All you need is your mobile number on which iGoogle sends a verification code and click a selfie to set as your profile photo (which you can skip too) and there it is. You have Allo installed in your smartphone.You don’t even need to have a Google account to set up Allo.

You can start a chat with anyone else in your contacts who has also installed Allo. You can play games, ask queries to Google Assistant, get information, or periodic information — like weather updates, news and so on. But what's unique about Allo is that Google Assistant even takes up the role of a real assistant within conversations. Basically, It comes with in-built search which allows the user to type @google followed by the item he/she wishes to search and Google retrieves search results from the web based on that. restaurants, theatres you name it, Google will search and give the results instantly.

Google Allo also features Smart Reply which lets you respond to messages with just a tap. It will also suggest responses for photos and general questions. Although the Smart Reply may appear mechanical intially, but Google says it would get better over time as it learns how you type and respond to messages.

The emojis are cool. You can doodle on photos before sending them. There are stickers too and Google has partnered with local Indian artists and have stickers specific to India as well. You can add color to your conversations, whisper (smaller text font size) or shout (larger text font size) by sliding up and down on the send button.

Finally, there is an option of Incognito mode where messages have end-to-end encryption and additional privacy features like discreet notifications and message expiration. But, in this Google Assistant will not function as it won't be able to read your chats which it needs to inorder to be of any assistance. Without Google Assistant, the fun part as well as the main purpose of Allo is lost.

Allo app is Google's take on Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. Whether it will be able to create enough excitement among general public to want to download the app and give it a try (believe me, its worth it! You will love it.) only time will tell.

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