Crazybaby Unveils Wireless Earbuds Called "Air"

Crazybaby Unveils Wireless Earbuds Called

The new Apple smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus do not have a headphone jack. However, the company is providing with an adapter to use the wired earphones. The other option would be that the Apple wven unveiled its new wireless ear-phones called AirPods. Contrary to as announced earlier, the AirPods would only be shipped in January 2017.

This would surely incur some losses to Apple as it would be missing out on the Christmas season sales. Well, one company's loss is another company's gain. Taking advantage of this delay, Crazybaby has come out with a new set of wireless headphones called "Air". Although the project is still in the initial stages on IndieGogo, these wireless headphones would supposedly be the world’s first pure carbon nanotube wireless stereo headphones. The earphones are going to be launched via crowdfunding.

The carbon nanotube technology is aimed to “allow Air to have a comfortable, ergonomic design while looking, feeling and sounding spectacular.” The Air features an acoustic system by utilizing a CNT diaphragm (99.8 percent Carbon Nanotube). As a result of this design, the speaker driver is compact and durable, with the ability to deliver ultra-fast responses.

Specs :

The "Air" feature a 5.2mm speaker driver to fine-tune and adjust the positioning and size of every element in the speaker chamber. It also features audiophile Hi-Fi sound, a single button control and an in-ear mic. The single button works for power, call, voice assistant and music control functions.

On the connectivity front, the Air supports Bluetooth 4.2, which lets them automatically connect to a device once they are taken out of the capsule. The 4.2 protocol increases the data transmission speed by 2.5 times, data volume by 10 times and allows the earphone to connect over IPV6 to decrease energy consumption and provide safer internet access as compared to other ear-phones.

The Air is also equipped with the CSR HD audio chip, which makes them smaller in size, but not affecting the performance. The Air also comes with CVC 8TH Noise Isolation technology, which allows for efficient cancellation of background noise during calls or listening to music. The earphones are charged using a portable charging pod, called the "Crazy-Capsule" which is similar to the Apple charging pod, but more compact. The Crazy-Capsule features a magnetic charging ability and the company claims that an hour of charging is enough to charge the Air three times. The earphones also come with IPX6 certification, which makes them water resistant.

After an in-depth research on different shapes and size of human ears, Crazybaby created a variety of size combinations of buds to fit human ears of different shapes and sizes . Additionally, they created three “Sport Sleeves” for using with exercise. Made with medical-grade silicone, these sleeves are ultra-light and skin-friendly.

The earphones can be connected to both Android and iOS devices via a free mobile app and will be available in two colors - white and black.

Early supporters can get this set for $89 (Rs 5,900 approximately), and they are estimated to go on sale by January 2017. In comparison, a pair of Apple AirPods are priced at Rs 15,400.

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