Caution WhatsApp Users : Your Deleted Chats Can Easily Be Recovered.

Caution WhatsApp Users : Your Deleted Chats Can Easily Be Recovered.

Users of the most commonly used instant chat platform "WhatsApp" Beware : you clear or delete a certain chat assuming that it is gone forever from your device, but that's not happening. They are actually present on your smartphone and can be easily recovered.

As per the recent findings by an iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, WhatsApp retains all your messages that you have been deleting. Zdziarski’s was studying the disk images from an iPhone with the new version of the WhatsApp when he noticed that the app retains and stores a trace of all the chat logs, even if you are deleting them. this means that it could be a hidden treasure for all those who are searching for some kind of data on your smartphone and has access to it. He also added that the data could also be recovered from remote backups.

WhatsApp users think that when they delete a particular chat, the app deletes it from the device too. However, this data area is not overwritten by new data or chats, and can be recovered by forensic and recovery software. Zdziarski mentions that a new SQLite library is being used to code the new app, which does not delete the data permanently.

when WhatsApp introduced End-to-End encryption it received a lot of praise from users as well as critics assuming that their data is now completely safe and cannot be intercepted. However, this encryption is only applied when data is being transmitted, preventing carriers and other intermediaries from intercepting on your conversations while the data is travelling over the network. But according to Zdziarski when the data reaches the phone, stored on the device and on the cloud as a backup it is no longer encrypted and the intermediaries can obtain clear records of the conversations by simply applying for a court order.

‘Apple’s iMessage too has this problem. Your SMS.db is stored in an iCloud backup, but copies of it also exist on your iPad, your desktop, and anywhere else you receive iMessages. Deleted content also suffers the same fate,’ said Zdziarski on his blog post.

Well, frankly there is nothing for users to worry about; after all it is just day-to-day messaging. However, you should be aware of how WhatsApp works.

Well, if you are sending any kind of sensitive messages, Law enforcement agencies can issue a warrant to obtain your deleted WhatsApp chat logs and get easily read all your messages including the deleted ones.

Anyone with physical access to your iPhone could create a backup of your data. Unless the device’s access is needs a fingerprint, passcode once they have physical access to your mobile phone or computer/laptop. the messages can be decrypted using password breaking tools just as easily.

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