Canvas App For iOS Helps You Redesign Your Home.

With the advent of smartphones and tablets,life has become pretty easy. Any kind of information can be got at the click of a few buttons and at a go.These devices come with various apps - paid as well as free. These apps have varied uses too; be it for shopping, information, education or just simple fun and gaming. But there are some apps which stand out altogether for their functionality.

Well, one such app is "Canvas" : an iOS app by Reality startup Occipital. Initially, Occipital started out with its maiden project Structure Sensor : a smart gadget that turned regular iPads into affordable 3D mapping and imaging devices. Structure Sensor was a huge success.

With Canvas, the company has made improvement on the same lines. Canvas lets users capture 3D scans of entire rooms in homes, along with accurate measurements.

Occipital product manager Alex Schiff said, "When we first started, most of the applications people were using Structure Sensor for were very object-centric. A lot of the use-cases were about scanning people, body parts or furniture. This is bigger. Canvas allows anyone with an iPad and a structural sensor to create a 3D model of their home in minutes.”

Schiff further added, “Right from the start, we had emails from people wanting to use it for architecture, design, insurance — all sorts of different use-cases where having a scale-accurate 3D model of physical space is useful.”

The Canvas app is free for downloading on the iOS app store but the user will have to shell out $379 for the Structure Sensor to use it. If you want the wide-angle lens attachment which promises to improve motion tracking you will have to pay $39 for it. Te combo of the lens and the Structure Sensor for just $399.

The app is really worth downloading for anyone, from amateur home-makers who want to design their own homes to the thorough professionals architects and interior designers.

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