BlackBerry Will No Longer Make Smartphones.

BlackBerry Will No Longer Make Smartphones.

The once upon a time monarch of the smartphone world which had a rather huge and loyal fan-following is finally being put to rest. BlackBerry has announced that the company has decided to shut its hardware division and will no longer be manufacturing smartphones.

Although the company tried to get back into the smartphone market with the launch of BB7 and BB10, it couldn't do so. The reason being, its devices always had something missing. It just couldn't stand against the likes of iPhone and Samsung smartphones which though in the 2000s were new entrants but now are the top 2 brands in the world.

BlackBerry has been too late with its new flagships. By the time the company came out with a new phone something better was always there in the market. The waiting period had become so long that slowly the most loyal BB fans too had started using an Android or iOS device.

The lack of apps was another reason for its downfall. There was BBM but not as good and innovative as WhatsApp.

Also the cost of the BB smartphones was another factor resulting in the slow demise of the brand. For instance, when BlackBerry Priv was unveiled it cost around Rs. 50,000/-. For this price there were other smartphones in the market which had better display, software, shape as well as interface.

BlackBerry is known for its software and security. So, the company is planning to focus just on that. BlackBerry CEO John Chen made a new announcement about a new strategy, wherein the company will focus on software. “Under this strategy, we are focusing on software development, including security and applications. The company plans to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to partners. This allows us to reduce capital requirements and enhance return on invested capital,” Chen said.

This could mean the premium security and enterprise features of BlackBerry would soon be seen on your favourite smartphone. If this happens, it would be beneficial to all parties. The customer would get a Blackberry features on the brand of his choice whereas the other company would be able to hold the BlackBerry premium features and BlackBerry would be able to focus on its strength which is BlackBerry software platform.

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