Bangkok Police Forms A Special Squad To Hunt The Pokémon Go Hunters.

Bangkok Police Forms A Special Squad To Hunt The Pokémon Go Hunters.

Pokémon Go - the most famous game played nowadays by adults and children alike. The game involves moving around in an open space be it a road, park or a bridge in search of pokémons. Though the game is exciting it does have a downside, people tend to play the game forgetting that they are walking on a busy road or a bridge. Due to this, accidents are fairly common.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is known for its bumper to bumper traffic which has worsened due to the Pokemon craze.

To tackle the problem of recklessness on the part of the Pokemon Go players be it pedestrians or drivers, the Thai Government has launched the "Pokémon Buster" squad which is made up of 50 police officers who will patrol 10 of Bangkok's busiest roads, which are now no-go zones for Pokémon hunters.

Bangkok's acting police chief, Sanit Mahathavorn said that the "catchers of Pokémon catchers" will be using the their mobile phone cameras to record offenders which are violating the rules.

Players who are caught engaging in risky behaviour like running while using their phone or driving carelessly and recklessly will hace to pay a fine of up to 1,000 baht ($28).This applies to pedestrians too who are seen playing the game carelessly and being a nuisance to others.

Elaborating on the issue, Bangkok's traffic police colonel, Veeravit Vatchanapukka said, " "We do not aim to arrest many people, instead we hope this programme will raise awareness with people about carelessness."

The Bangkok police has already caught and issued fines to 12 people since they started the "Pokemon Traffic No Go" campaign.

The problem is even worse in Singapore where the Pokémon Go players litter and park illegally. Due to this the neighbourhood police has to be stricter when to get the players to clean up the place.

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