Apple Files $2 million Lawsuit On Amazon For Selling Fake Apple Products.

Apple Files $2 million Lawsuit On Amazon For Selling Fake Apple Products.

Amazon is considered as one of the most trusted e-commerce site for buying products online. Or so we think!! Apparently, Patently Apple reports that Apple has filed a $2 million lawsuit for trademark infringement against a company called Mobile Star LLC for selling counterfeit power products like chargers and cables under Apple's name on Amazon.

Apple had purchased over a 100 devices supposedly made or sold by Apple from and run various tests on them to check their genuinity. The results showed that the fake products haven't been properly tested or certified, meaning they likely "lack the safety features necessary to protects users from shock and fire hazards." The tests show that more than 90% of the products were counterfeit.

Apple also discovered that the chargers and cables were fulfilled by Amazon itself which means that they didn't come from a third-party seller, but directly from Amazon.

Buyers would have never doubted that the products could be fake relying on's reputation, especially when the products are sold directly "by" as genuine Apple products using Apple's own product marketing images. had sourced these products from Mobile Star and failed to check safety certificates. The fake products were not properly constructed, lacked adequate insulation, had inadequate spacing between low voltage and high voltage circuits and posed a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock.

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