AirSelfie - The Selfie Drone Is Here.

AirSelfie - The Selfie Drone Is Here.

Move over selfie sticks, AirSelfie - the selfie drone is here ! As the name suggests, the drone helps take selfies from a distance when arms or selfie sticks can't reach far enough to capture everyone in the picture.The palm-sized quadcopter easily fits in the palm of your hand and then can be stored into a custom phone case which acts as a charger too.

The drone is compatible with Android as well as iOS and can be controlled with just one hand via an app. The AirSelfie features a 5MP camera and can shoot a ful HD video too. It can fly up to 20 meters high but only for three minutes. it can be used indoors or outdoors and when you’re ready to click a photo or record a video, it will hover autonomously and do just the same. The AirSelfie features a 5MP camera and can shoot a ful HD video too.

The AirSelfie has three flight modes which allows you to pilot it with varying degrees of control. Firstly, the most Basic Selfie Mode, where just on-screen buttons move the drone farther away or closer to you. Secondly, the Selfie Motion Control Mode allows you to control the drone with the help of a virtual joystick for more flight options. Lastly the Flight Mode wherein you can rotate the phone into landscape orientation so that your phone turns into a classic controller to control the AirSelfie in any direction for upto a distance of 20 meters. once you have decided on the perfect spot giving you full freedom. Once you find the perfect spot, the AirSelfie will automatically hover.

Once the pictures are clicked, you can just pluck the AirSelfie from air with your bare hands and return it to its case where it will recharge in 30 minutes.

Being compact, user-friendly, quick recharge and a design tha easily fits the pocke, the AirSelfie is a very convenient and easy to use.

The drone will be sold for around 270 euros (about $287) although the dates for the same are not out as yet.

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