1More Triple Drive Earphones - A Definite Thumbs-Up.

1More Triple Drive Earphones - A Definite Thumbs-Up.

1More Triple Drive earphones aptly named as "China's answer to Beats." 1More is a brand closely related to Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. That being said, we get an idea that these aluminium earpieces would have a good sound quality without burning a hole in your pocket. 1More has already sold over a million pieces in China and made its entry into the US market last year.

These in-ear headphones have a polished, snazzy look. By the looks of it, it could cost anything more than $200 but the price of these ear-phones is just $100. Though a bit weighty, these earphones won't weigh down your ears neither are they uncomfotatble. They fit well in the ears and come with 9 sets of ear-buds of different size and material. The Kevlar cable doesn't make any noise, either, and it has both a mic and a useful three-button remote. These noise-cancelling earpieces form a very tight seal which will easily block out the noise while you are on the traffic light or sweating it out in the gym. There's also a leather little leather carrying case, a shirt clip and an airline jack adapter.

Now, we wonder, why the name Triple Driver? Well,1More's put three drivers in each earpiece. Drivers are the vibrating bits of a headphone that create the sound you hear, and that very few earphones in the market under $100 which have three drivers.

The Triple Driver can hit more frequency ranges. Additionally, Bass is strong, punchy and impactful. It creates just the right balance between being fun and not being inaccurate. Highs are clean and clear. Even the mids, which tend to get lost with smaller in-ears, are given good depth and detail.

Overall, a very good product for those who want to buy new ear-phones but are not ready to spend a bomb knowing how delicate these things are and being so small how they can be misplaced easily.Its not sweatproof but for the price it comes for, don't even think twice before buying them.

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