Looking for a unique gift. Look no further- Beej Balls

Looking for a unique gift. Look no further- Beej Balls
With gifting season all year long, we are often confused "Kya gift dein yaar?". Because to many of us, gifting is beyond giving away, it is more about reflecting who we are and what we think. And that is so because, when we gift, we do more than spending money, why not do it thoughtfully?

If you resonate with what we said. here's the answer to all your gifting problems. With Beej Balls, you can answer anything from- "Sab to aaj kal yahi dete hain", "Common gift toh nahi ho jayega na?", "Pehle birthday pe bhi yahi diya tha na?". And above all this, this gift will be both, fruitful and forever.

What is Beej Balls?
A ball made up of clay, compost and seeds, Beej Ball is the perfect gift one may give. Suitable for every age group, Beej Balls don't really need extra care, you can do well by throwing them in anopen ground. they are crafted in a way that they know how to self-care!

How to Use Beej Balls
The instructions are pretty simple. Just find a sunny abandoned field and literally throw the Beej Balls in that field. Relax, it is fine, they will grow and make you happy very soon.

Species that are available
Whether you want an outdoor plant or an indoor one, we have both of those ready. You can pick from Gulmohar, Baboo, Marigold, Tomato to Tulsi.

List of Outdoor Plants Species

List of Indoor Plants Species

How to order your Beej Balls
You can order from us. Select the Beej Ball of your choice and we shall get it delivered at your doorstep.

So next time you want to gift more than a gift, choose one of the Beej Balls and show your love and care
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