Screen Time in iOS 12- All that you need to know

Screen Time in iOS 12- All that you need to know

It wouldn't be wrong if we say- we no longer control smartphones, rather they control us. The smartphone use is getting out of control and people tend to spend more time checking the apps on their device.

To help reduce the time wastage and bring control, iOS 12 has brought a set of tools to help iPhone users manage their digital addictions. One such tool is Screen Time. This tool is useful not only for individuals but parents too, as they want to better manage their children's smartphone usage.

What is Screen Time?

Screen Time is Apple's thoughtful step in helping users understand how much time they spend with their phones, as well as cut back on that if it's excessive. It presents charts explaining how much you use your iPhone or iPad, plus allows you to set limits for your app usage.

This also gives parents a strong hold or say control for kid usage.

Where is Screen Time? I don't see any app!

Instead of making a standalone application for Screen Time, Apple placed these tools inside of the Settings app. It's the second set of settings, just scroll down a bit, you will find it below Notifications, Sounds & Haptics and Do Not Disturb.

Screen Time and Usage Data: about that!

Screen Time starts with a chart detailing your device's usage over the last day. It breaks the time spent in apps across broad, generalized categories, such as Social Networking, Entertainment, and Games. And tapping on that chart presents a chart that shows that same categorized usage, broken down by time of the day. You can view this data by the current day, or by the last week.

For that period, Screen Time lists the length of your longest session of use, and how much time you spent on your phone during Downtime, the user-defined stretch of time when you're not supposed to be glued to your device.

You'll find a list of your most-used apps, and the app breaks that information down to the sites you spend the most time on, if you spend that much time browsing a specific site. Tap the hourglass icon next to one of these apps to set up an app limit.

Next, you see a 24-hour chart detailing the amount of times you picked up your phone (and interacted with it), by the hour. Under that, you see the number "amount" of notifications, again presented by-hour.

How do app-specific limits work?

Screen Time allows you to set time limitations for kinds of apps, as well as certain apps that are harder to put down. In the App Limits section of Screen Time, you can create limits based around kinds of apps, such as Games, Entertainment and Social Networking.

To limit individual apps, you need to tap on your device from the main Screen Time section, and scroll down to the Most Used section. There, you'll find the hourglass Screen Time buttons next to specific apps, kinds of apps and websites.

So once you hit a limit in an app, you'll be hit with a Time Limit window, with the options to ignore for 15 minutes or for the whole day.

How about the Parental Controls?

Screen Time allows parents to manage how often children (whose devices are connected via Family Sharing) can use devices, as well as view the usage stats of child accounts. Parents set these limits by tapping "Set Up Screen Time for Family."

Once kids hit limits, they won't be able to tap Ignore to defer the limitations parents impose, but instead request for parents to give them more time. Once a request has been made, kids can't make a second request until a parent accepts or declines, and parents can disable the option for kids to request more time.

What about the apps that I need to survive the day?

Under the App Limits tab in Screen Time, you'll see Always Allowed. This way, you can make sure your iPhone doesn't stop you from using the most important apps in your life, as Phone, Messages, and FaceTime are enabled by default.

Anything else I need to know?

The iOS controls for privacy and content used to place a password lock on allowed apps, location sharing, and volume limits are now found under the Screen Time section. As always, you'll create a 4-digit password, which is different from your device unlock code.

This is pretty much it. Let's responsibly use the device and make the most about of the latest feature by iOS!

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