Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Trailer Released

Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Trailer Released
There is not long left to wait for the highly anticipated launch of the new Red Dead Redemption 2 cowboy adventure game created by Rockstar Games which will be available to play on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from October 26th onwards.

“As you play the game, caring for and feeding your horse, calming it when it’s scared and encouraging it when it’s tired, naming it, looking after it – you can’t help but develop a bond with it. It’s your closest, trusted companion and you are nearly always together. To cement the strength of the bond we had to make it vulnerable so you respect and cared for it as you play, so it feels personal and real.

Much like our work on the humans, the biggest difference was with our animal’s subtle reactions and behaviors. From an animation perspective, there is now a lot more fidelity in the ways the animals can move and react, especially with quadrupeds, and we can now create something that looks and feels a lot more like a real animal. This means we can flesh out a lot more of the animal’s daily lives with natural looking behaviors like hunting, eating, drinking, migrating, socializing and sleeping.

The challenge this time was making sure the animals react appropriately in different subtle levels to what you do. So if you’re creeping towards them and they see you, they won’t necessarily run away forever – they may grow curious and cautiously approach, or feel cornered and charge, or they might just go a short distance only to stop allowing you another chance to take a shot. Once you fire your gun though, you’ve given yourself away and the animal will flee.”

Source : gamesradar
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