PUBG Xbox One Update 2 Brings Training Mode, Halloween Skins, and More

PUBG Xbox One Update 2 Brings Training Mode, Halloween Skins, and More

Much like PUBG Mobile, PUBG for Xbox One has seen an update to bring Halloween-themed items into the game such as masks, cords, and even new weapons. Furthermore, the PUBG Halloween skins are available from October 25 to November 21. PUBG Xbox One also gets the Training Mode. This allows you to practice PUBG without the fear of dying as your heath does not drop below one in Training Mode. Developer PUBG Corp announced this in addition to changes to the BP (Battle Points) system. BP is earned while playing and allows you to gain new items.

More updates are as follows

PUBG Xbox One Update 2 patch notes :

  • Added a Training Mode where you can practice all aspects of PUBG gameplay
  • The Training Mode map is 2×2 in size
  • You can join through matchmaking by clicking on the “Training Mode” button in the lobby.
  • When there are more than 5 players in the matchmaking queue, the session will start immediately. Players will continue to join open sessions for up to 5 minutes after they start. (Up to 20 per session)
  • If there are less than 5 players in the matchmaking queue, matchmaking will continue for 5 minutes
  • If there are still less than 5 players after 5 minutes, the session will start with the original number of players present and other players cannot join the session.
  • Total play time is 30 minutes (e.g. in case of number 1, where you immediately enter a session, you have 5 minutes where other players can join the session + regular training mode playing time of 25 minutes)
  • Players cannot drop below 1hp in Training Mode
  • Halloween Skins

The below items have been added in STORE ->

  • ITEMS available from Oct 25 3am PDT/12pm CEST – Nov 20 6pm PT/Nov 21 3am CET
  • Maniacal Butcher Set – 10,000 BP
  • Killer Clown Set – 1,800 G-Coin
  • Ancient Mummy Set – 1,600 G-Coin
  • Bloody Nurse Set – 2,100 G-Coin
  • Sinister Skull Mask – 7,000 BP
  • Pumpkin RIP-cord – 500 G-Coin
  • Haunted Pumpkin Mask – Free upon lobby login until Nov 6 4pm PT/Nov 7 1am CET
  • These sets are also sold in individual pieces

Source : Gadgets360

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