PUBG has been on minds of many for quite a time now. And here's a thing, that every PUBG-er would be excited about! PUBG Mobile has received an update recently that brings the new Vikendi Snow map! This update is considered to be one of the most anticipated updates in the history of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds popularly known as PUBG and this PUBG mobile will offer as the first platform to get this snow map.
The 6 km * 6 km map is available for download from 20th December 2018, while matchmaking for the same would begin 24 hours later.
This, lets you add more to your PUBG experience!

Interesting Highlights for the player in you!

Read it out!
1.Vikendi exclusive additions such as G36C Assault Rifle (instead of SCAR on Vikendi) and the Snowmobile will help to navigate its icy terrain.

2. New Parachute system will help you glide or dive during freefall, improved animations and cut your chute before hitting the ground.

3.Firearms Finish Upgrade System will help players to use materials at the Lab in order to upgrade weapon finishes for kill effects, unique kill broadcasts as well as death crate appearances.

4. Players will be able to throw snowballs while waiting in the starting area to board the plane.Exciting, isn't it?

5.Vehicles will be more slippery in snow and icy areas. Acceleration on icy terrain will be slow while you will lose vehicle control as you speed up.

6. Footprints and vehicle tracks will be visible in PUBG Vikendi Snow Map as players travel in snowy areas which will help in identifying whether enemies have passed by recently.

7.The first circle of every game will be smaller than other maps, however, subsequent circle sizes change will be less drastic on the PUBG Vikendi Snow Map, that in order will result in more blue zone variety as well as unique experiences.

8.PUBG Mobile players can report suspicious behavior while spectating after dying.

So, are you ready for an exciting PUBG experience?

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