PUBG PS4 Release Date Leaked on Amazon

PUBG PS4 Release Date Leaked on Amazon
It appears that Amazon has leaked the PUBG PS4 release date days after it was reported that PUBG PS4 was slated for an early December launch window. The e-commerce giant had listed PUBG PS4 for a release date of December 8. The PUBG PS4 release date of December 8 makes sense when you consider that its day after The Game Awards 2018 where the popular battle royale shooter has had a presence in past years. This would make PUBG finally be available on PS4 after being on PC and Xbox One. Of course, PUBG PS4 is a different version of the game from the Tencent-developed PUBG Mobile, seen by many as the best way to play PUBG.

It will be interesting to see if PUBG PS4 borrows from any of its design sensibilities considering that developer PUBG Corp works closely with PUBG Mobile maker Tencent when it hits on December 8 according to the leak. Although the listing has since been removed, that hasn't stopped eagle-eyed industry observers from saving proof.
On Monday, members of video gaming forum ResetEra unearthed a post from October in a separate PlayStation forum called PSNProfiles, wherein a user claimed that PUBG was in their PS4's game database.

“Don't know when it's coming out, but it's already on Sony servers, hosting the game image and Content-ID for the PSN store,” the PSNProfiles member added, with two individual content IDs for North America and the US. Both currently display a 404 error.

Later in the ResetEra thread, video games analyst Daniel Ahmad said that PUBG would be out next month on PS4, with other users suggesting it points to a one-year exclusivity deal for Microsoft and Bluehole, the South Korean parent company of PUBG Corp.

In response to comments about a possible release around The Game Awards 2018 on December 6 in Los Angeles, Ahmad added: “Pretty much. Although maybe they'll announce its actual existence earlier or something.”

This comes on the back of the September leak that the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee had rated PUBG for PS4. And with the game recently hitting 1.0 on Xbox One, it makes sense that the developer would want to explore more platforms.

The full release on Xbox One also carried the label “console launch exclusive”, which further points to a release on PS4 at some point.

Source : Gadgets360
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