Some iPhone XS And XS Max Won’t Charge Automatically When Phone is Idle

Some iPhone XS And XS Max Won’t Charge Automatically When Phone is Idle

A number of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users are facing a problem with their new Apple smartphones. Users complained that their iPhones are not charging unless the the screen is active. Some users said they needed to pull out the lightning cable and re-plug to get the phone charged.

As you already know, iPhone’s screen lights up when you plug in the charger to a power connection. The screen shows a big battery icon, indicating the phone has begun to charge. In this case, however, iPhone screens don’t light up when the charger is plugged.

Lewis, a popular tech YouTuber with Unbox Therapy, replicated the problem with multiple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices. The video shows a few iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS units did not charge after plugging in the lightning cable. But somehow the charge started when the screen was activated by double tapping the screen or tapping on the lock button on the side.A number of Apple users took to the company’s official forum page to report the problem. Looks like users are facing the issue since day one of the launch.

From the looks of it, the problem is likely to be software-related. Apple, however, hasn’t yet commented on the issue. The company is already working on iOS 12.1 software update which is expected to come with some big features like unlocking dual-SIM and group FaceTime.

Source : hindustantimes

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