Free Apps that everyone should have on their phone!

Free Apps that everyone should have on their phone!
Smartphones can be considered palm-sized computers. With Smartphones, things get really easy and quick. However, to see the full potential of these mini-super gadgets, you need to get a few "free apps". The apps that help you sort out things that ought to be sorted.

So in this article, we have handpicked the apps every person must have on their phone. And to simplify it further, we have categorized them!

Go ahead, and get them all.

The most important task of any phone is to help you connect. And to do so there are few good apps.


A freeware communication app that lets you connect to people, share images, allows voice call and video call.


An official Facebook app that allows you to connect and communicate with your friends, family and clients right from your phone.

Today our smartphones have all the vital information. That is why it is necessary to keep it safe. And to do so we have a few security app, that cost you nothing!

AVG Antivirus

A free antivirus app that gives you many features to secure your android phones from viruses, malware and threats. By enabling the Find/ Locate Option, you can easily secure your phone from theft.

360 Mobile Security

A free app designed specifically for iOS comes with security advisor, memory optimizer, cache cleaner, encryption and system scanner. Get this app and you get away from viruses, malware and threats!

If you are someone who finds beauty in every object, you must have a good photography app. With that, you can upscale your skills and get finer, better clicks.


An app that lets you apply a variety of photo filters and effects after capturing photos, and allows you to share it too.

Little Photo

The most popular and filter-rich app that you can use to customize your photos.

Digital Payment
When the world is turning digital, apps that let us make payment, transfer money are saviors!


A digital payments platform that allows you to transfer cash into the integrated wallet via online banking. With this app, you can recharge your phone, pay at a restaurant, book movie tickets and do so much more just at a click!

Google Pay

A digital payment app that lets you transfer amount directly from your one bank account to another. Plus, it offers services like recharge, train booking, movie booking and many more. And as a bonus, you get scratch cards too, wherein you can earn cash upto Rs.1000

Your smartphone travels with you wherever you go, whenever you go! How about having an app that tracks every detail of your move?

Google Fit

A fitness app that helps you stay fit by tracking your steps, calories burnt, heart rate and speed. Not only it motivates you by setting milestones for you and encourages you to stay moving, to stay healthy.

Fitbit Coach

A fitness app that functions as your personal digital training coach, helps you adapt exercise routine to match your physical capability! This app provides you guided video workouts, with varied routines, that too with step by step guidance.

Your smartphone can help you fix up all your "Ohh shit aaj toh yea krna tha" moments. For that, you need a good note-organizing app.

Google Keep

A note taking app that offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio.


A note taking app that helps you focus on what matters to you. Like your to-dos, day schedule and much more!

Your Smartphone is your little pandora of happiness. All you need is good apps that can make you laugh, make you cry and make you feel alive!

Jio Cinema

An app that is for you to take a plunge into entertainment. Watch movies, songs, videos etc on this app.

When your phone stores all your important documents, apps that can help you scan your documents at complete easy is definitely a thing to look for.


An app that turns your mobile into a portable scanner. All you need to do is snap a photo of paper documents, and CamScanner will help you crop and enhance the image quality!

With your phone, you can increase your knowledge too. To do so, you need a few good apps that can guide you through. Watch good videos. Read and ask Question. Afterall, that's the mantra of growing