The Iconic "Hello Moto" Slogan and "Batwing" Logo Are Here To Stay.

It's been awhile since Motorola has been bought by Lenovo. But do you remember Motorola's slogan? Ever wondered whether that would stay or will it change? Well, as per latest news, Motorola's slogan "Hello Moto” as well as its iconic welcome "Batwing" logo are to stay.

Although it is a Lenovo owned brand now, the company still wants the users to know that it will continue using the very famous slogan as well as the logo. Recently, Moto’s USA Twitter account posted a video of the new bootup animation of the device. The beginning is still the same but with a new voice that says "Hello Moto" and ending with "Lenovo"

From the looks it, it seems that the Chinese smartphone brand is planning to maintain and advertise the brand the same way as users have been seeing it over the years. This new startup animation will be updated on current Moto smartphones.

Motorola Hello Moto Batwing Lenovo