Maker Of Alto's Adventurer Unveils Its Next Game DISTANT.

Alto's Adventure was one of the best snowboarding games of 2015 for iOS and Android. Now the developer Snowman has partnered with Australian developer Slingshot and Satchel and unveiled their next project, DISTANT.

A short promo video of the game is out but not much is revealed in it. Talking about the game, Chris Wearing of Slingshot & Satchel said, “Without giving too much away, DISTANT is our attempt to take a meaningful pause and re-examine what aspects of traditional genres like platformers might be walled off unnecessarily […] to marry traditionally disparate concepts like 'zen play' and tight, satisfying challenge and explore a tonal space where they might not be so mutually exclusive after all.”

Snowman’s Ryan Cash, further added, “Distant takes you on a wondrous voyage through pastel dreamscapes, to prevent a calamity from consuming the world you once knew,” says Cash. “Along the way, you’ll confront an inescapable past, and learn how much you’re willing to sacrifice in your search for solace.”

The video doesn't give away much either except that there is a cave wherein a caped hero who is just a golden speck is trying to jump between 2 columns which are a good distance away. He is pushed by some unseen magical force to make it to the other side.

The video embedded would explain it better. The graphics and music of the trailer are just awesome.

Snowman said that DISTANT is coming to Mac, PC, console, and Apple TV in its announcement post, but added that it currently doesn't have any information regarding release dates or pricing.

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