Here's Why Apple May Have Done Away With The Headphone Jack

Now that the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are officially unveiled, people are having mixed reactions about the same. While the dual camera has caused some excitement, the missing headphone jack is not been taken well by most users.

In the video, the host David Rahimi discusses what could possibly be the reason behind Apple deciding to ditch the headphone jack.

He talks about the Press Event of the new iPhone 7, where VPA of Apple Marketting Will Shiller commented that the headphone jack is old technology which has been around since the late 1800s. That seems like a good strategy to start with considering how old things make way for newer things and by actually reminding u that how ancient the headphone jack is, the tech giant spokesperson is trying to condition the users to accept the new iPhone. Although that makes sense, but that in itself is not reason enough to dump the headphone jack.

He went ahead and explained the three reasons why Apple made such a move.

Firstly, he said that headphones can be used via lightning which are given along with the iPhone in the box or the other option is to use an adapter which also vones with the iPhone. By connecting the adapter to the lightning port, you can connect your old headphones to it. Well, a good enough reason but not THE reason to completely chuck the headphone jack. The sound quality of the lightning headphones is nearly the same as the normal headphones. Also, it is not possible to charge your phone and listen to mudic simultaneously.

The second reason put forward by Apple is that the headphone jack takes up a lot of space which could be put to better use with other newer technology. An Apple spokesperson explained that at the top of the iPhone is a small circuit board called the driver ledge which drives the iPhone's display. However in the iPhone 7, the driver ledge was interfering with the new larger dual camera placement. When the driver ledge was tried to move lower, it interfered with the headphone jack. The removal of the headphone jack helped in finding space for the driver ledge as well a bigger battery (14% larger on the iPhone 7 and 5% larger battery in the iPhone 7 Plus). The spokesperson also added that removal of the headphone jack made the iPhones water-resistant too.

Lastly, Apple believes that wireless if the future.To prove this, they even showed data wherein the sales of bluetooth headphones was more than that of the wired ones. Although this may be true but the complete removal of the headphone jack just on the basis of this is a little unbelievable. He later introduces the Apple Airpods which are wireless headphones which do not come with the iPhone 7 but have to be bought separately. The Airpods project was started about the same time as the Apple Watch which is a pretty long time now. So why wait till the release of the iPhone 7? it looks like Apple was waiting for the unveiling of the iPhone 7 and the Airpods together so that the are tempted to buy it.

So to sum it all, it looks like the main reason for Apple to do away with the headphone jack is to make more internal space as well as from the business point of view (to nudge the sales of the Airpods). Well, let's see how the users have to say about this decision.

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