5 Cool things to do with your Android phone

5 Cool things to do with your Android phone

5 Cool things to do with your Android phone

If you have an android phone, you have more than you think. As an android phone lets you do many cool things, we decided to bring a list of 5 such things that you can try on your android phone today!

Let's play Channel Channel

Nowadays many android phones come fitted with infrared blasters, which means they let you control your TV. Next time you want to play trick on your friends, get this going.

Go Secured- Encrypt your Data

While this might sound nerdy or complicated, it’s a better way of taking your phone’s security a step further by encrypting your data. To be able to perform this function on your Android device, all you need to do is go to Settings->Security->Encrypt Device. Your phone will prompt you to create a PIN then proceeds to encrypt your data. This will protect all your data and password on your phone.

Typing made fun-ing!

One of the exciting hidden features in Android devices is its swipe and gesture typing. This enables users to compose messages on their phone by swiping their fingers from one character on the keyboard to the next. And this comes handy when your one hand is already occupied. You can access this awesome feature on Google keyboard in the Google Play Store.

Treasure Trove of games

Your android device has a hidden game, and trust us, it is both fun and exciting. And to access it, you will need to access your phone’s settings, then hit the about phone tab, until your phone’s current operating system logo animation shows up. In Marshmallow or Lollipop Android versions you can press down on the lollipop or marshmallow to launch the game. Navigate your little Android through the obstacles. If you have a different version, the game will be typically the same, but it’ll probably have a different obstacle course.

Ok Google, How u doin?

Well, your android device is dedicated to help you, and current enhancements enable it to receive voice commands.Just like Siri, you can have "google assistant". And you can enable this function by Saying "Ok Google".There are plenty of other cool things you could do with your Android phone voice search, such as emailing reminders, writing notes, scheduling appointments, and this function is especially helpful when you only have one hand to spare.

We will bring to you more such cool things in our article. By the time, you explore all these five features that are super fun and amazing

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