10 Must Carry Gadgets While Trekking

10 Must Carry Gadgets While Trekking

10 Must Carry Gadgets While Trekking

In India, Trekking is rapidly becoming popular among the youngsters. There are various amazing treks in India like Kedarkantha Trek, Brahamtal Trek, Valley of Flowers trek, Kheer Ganga trek, Hampta Pass and many more which offers stunning scenery.

Here we are going to list must carry gadgets for travel bloggers and people who loves to collect memorable experiences of their trekking.

· Go Pro Hero 9

Go Pro Hero 9 is a must for anyone who loves to try adventure sports like Hiking, Mountain cycling, parasailing, paragliding, trekking, beach hiking and many more.

Go Pro Hero 9 comes with amazing advance features like 5K Video, 20 MP photos and 23.6MP sensors. One can take wide Angle selfies covering the amazing backdrop while trekking. The feature that I personally love is beautiful and mesmerizing time lapses. The HERO9 is worth it and you would not want to miss any chance to catch some action and take amazing wide shots of your trekking experience. Battery life is really good because while trekking it is not possible to connect every gadget to power bank.

· DSLR Camera

If you are reading this blog, that means you are a gadget freak and do not want to miss any important item while going for trekking. Well, there are many upgraded options available but my personal favorite is Canon 1500D which is a great DSLR for beginners as well. The camera quality is awesome with features like CMOS sensor, 24.1 MP, Optical sensor resolution, 1080p Full HD Maximum Resolution, 9 autofocus points and 3 Inches display size.

Invest on upgraded lens.

· Drone

Drone shots allows the photographer to take beautiful aerial shots, shoot quick videos, flying stunts. Drone needs practice to get the perfect shot that you have seen in your favorite travel blogger’s video. So, to aced in using drones, I would suggest to invest less and learn more strategy. I have purchased DJI TELLO which is best for entry level drone to learn and piloting at a reasonable price. It does not require any license and it gets easily connected with your phone. If you are a good pilot you can opt for more professional and advance drones as well.

· Tripod

Well there is a thing about Tripod that I have understood only after using one. Tripods allow photographers to capture images using slow shutter speeds. If you are travelling solo, you don’t have to rely on anyone else to take your pictures. You can just attach your camera to tripod and click amazing pictures. It is great for couples also to take their cozy shots without feeling uncomfortable as well. It helps to take stable shots with long exposures.

· Mobile

Everyone know the features of a mobile phone like calling, clicking pictures, using internet and social media. It is “All In One” option if you are on a low budget, just take pictures from your cam, take a long selfie stick and there would be no need of drone.

· Power Bank

If you are trekking there are high possibilities that in mountains it is not possible to find electricity source so, power banks are always a good idea. It would help you to charge all your accessories like camera, gopro, drone, mobile phones, smart watches and speakers.

· Extra batteries

As there are high chances that there will be no electricity source while you are going away from city life and trekking in majestic mountains. Extra batteries of Drone would be highly recommendable by me.

· Torch

One of the essential item is Torch because in camps, there is no light available after sunset and it is a life saver while going out of your camp for nature’s call. There could be night trekking in your itinerary so that you can witness the beautiful sun rise and you can literally cannot do it without a torch.

· Speakers

Well if you are a music lover or not but while reaching at the summit of your trek you gotta listen to your favorite music track. There is no mountain trek complete without playing “Tarasti hai nigahen” or “Kabira.” So, do not forget a portable speaker to listen to your favorite singer and even dance amid the trek with your friends.

· Smart Watch

If you are a fitness freak, this is very important gadget for you. I personally use Apple I watch series 5 but there are other good options available in the market like One Plus watch, Boat smart watches, Noise Color fit Smart and many more. You can track your physical activity with the help of the smart watch. You can get high or low Heart rate notifications, water resistant and ECG apps as well. There is option in apple watch to select the hiking mode and track how many kilometers you have covered in how much time interval.

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