Xiaomi Mi 11X Review

Xiaomi Mi 11X Review

The Mi11x has arrived over right here in India and let's talk about it in detail.

The box includes a few paperwork, a clean case, a USB type-c to headphone jack dongle, the handset itself, a 33-watt fast charger and a USB type-c.

Design and build

Mi11x is a v well designed slim, lightweight and easy to use phone. It feels great in the hand and looks good too.

Mi11x is built well, glass on the front and back it weighs in at 196grams but it does not feel like it because of the even weight distribution and feels very lightweight in the hand. There is no complaint about the built quality.

This phone comes in 3 colour options

  • cosmic black,
  • frost white, and
  • celestial silver

One design choice that I do not appreciate is the removal of the headphone jack. Inside the box, you do get a USB type-c to 3.5 mm audio jack dongle so if you have your wired earphones you can use them with this phone but you will have to use that dongle.


One of the main things about a smartphone is its performance. Mi11x comes with a snapdragon 870 processor which is based on the Qualcomm’s 7-nanometer manufacturing process. Along with that, it has Adreno 650GPU 6gb or 8gb of LPDDR5 ram and and 128 gigs of built-in, non-expandable UFS 3.1 storage.

The performance of this phone is top-notch. The phone feels very snappy. Apps open up faster, it works faster as compared to budget phones and the overall system feels v responsive. I have noticed a couple of frame drops here and there not a lot though I'm pretty sure that they will get ironed out with some software updates. Such a powerful phone is definitely a good thing for gamers so if you have to play games like PubG mobile or COD mobile or any other heavy game then you're gonna love the performance of this phone. The Mi 11x is a beast for gaming, no doubt about that.


This phone comes with MIUI v12 out of the box based on android 11. It comes with lots of features and customizations. It has tones and tones of features like dual apps, multi-window themes etc. Now with that being said it also comes with bloatware, which is kind of annoying but the good thing over here is that you can uninstall that bloatware. I would recommend you uninstall all unnecessary applications. Though there are a couple of bugs here and there which I am pretty sure will get ironed out with upcoming software updates.


The Mi 11X has a 6.67-inch, 2400x1800 resolution AMOLED display. The display supports a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz and HDR, although it's only an 8-bit panel.

The display supports HDR10 and has a peak brightness of 1300 nits. The display quality is top-notch. It has accurate colours and good contrast ratio because of which you get deep black good viewing angles. The display on the Mi 11X can get reasonably bright both indoors and outdoors. Watching content on this smartphone is excellent because of that display. The display also has a refresh rate of 120 hertz with a touch sampling rate of 360 hertz. Snapdragon 870 easily handles the 120-hertz refresh rate and so swiping, scrolling and other gestures are extremely smooth because of the 120-hertz refresh rate.


There is a triple camera setup. A 48megapixel primary camera, an 8mp ultra-wide-angle camera and finally a 5mp micro camera.

From the primary 48mp camera you can shoot some amazing photos. The dynamic range is impressive even in difficult conditions. The HDR mode does help over herein exposing the highlights and shadows in a good way. For low lighting scenarios, there is a dedicated night mode that works well.

Now the ultra-wide-angle camera has a very good perspective with a field of view of 119 degrees. But the dynamic range could have been better especially with the highlights as it sometimes overexposes the highlights which is kind of annoying so HDR mode for the ultra-wide-angle camera def needs some tweaking. Apart from that, the photos are soft and they don’t have a lot of detail in them because of the 8-megapixel sensor. The colours are accurate, not too oversaturated, not too undersaturated.

You can shoot some creative macro shots with the 5-megapixel camera. It is high quality, has a good amount of details and does not feels unnecessary.

Video shooting

From the rear camera, you can shoot upto 4k at 30fps with support for electronic stabilization. the quality is excellent and the colours are on point but it does not support 4k60fps else it would just be awesome.

Now on the front, there is a 20mp camera and it works well. High-quality detailed selfies with natural skin tone and very good dynamic range as well.

Battery and charging

Mi11x comes with a 4520 milliamp-hour battery. this battery will last about a day or so with around 20 hours of usage on a single charge. In terms of charging you're getting 33watt fast charging over herewith the charger inside the box itself. So no complaints in terms of charging and battery life. Unfortunately, there's no wireless charging option on the Mi 11X.

Fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor is placed on the power button. Side-mounted fingerprint print sensors are better than in-display fingerprint sensor. They are faster and more accurate and the same is the case with this one.


This phone has a pair of dual stereo speakers which are really good. the sound is clear crisp and the volume is good too.

IR blaster

Me11x also comes with an IR blaster which means you can use this phone as a remote to control your tv, ac etc.